Hi there!

A short update:

  • Just this week the iStill Center saw visitors from Scotland as well as from Utah. Next week, we will receive visitors from both Russia and Israel. There’s a picture of Christopher Cross from Utah at the bottom of this post. Thanks for visiting, Christopher and Ashley. Meeting up was great, having dinner together was even better! We hope you liked the genever, we are sure you loved our Gouda style cheese!
  • A total of three new iStill clients received their new distilleries just this week. Underneath is a picture of the new iStill 250, with oversized SPP, to Tower Hill Road Distillery in Quebec, Canada.
  • We are developing a new small size pump. Smaller than the iStill Pump, with a different design and a different goal. The new pump is aimed to suck every drop of liquid from a grain bed. And it has a very fine filter, so no particles get over. To get the last bit of fermented beer or wine of the lees. This new pump will be a standard issue together with our 2000 and 3000 liter fermenters. We don’t have a name for it yet. Any suggestions are welcome! Unfortunately “iSuck” was already registered … 😉
  • We will fly over to Pennsylvania in just two weeks, in order to assemble and test and train County Seat Spirits in Allentown on their iStill 250 and iStill One.
  • You may want to visit http://www.iStill.eu again and register for our mailing list.
  • And last but not least: a warm welcome to Vic and John, our new Australian iStill One customers!

Christopher Cross visiting the iStill Center:


Tower Hill Road’s all new iStill 250:



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