iStill Pump

More information on the iStill Pump:

  • Power: 1.1 to 1.5 KW;
  • 230 V (+/- 10%) single phase (50 hz for Europe, 60 hz for America);
  • Displaces over 9,500 liters per hour;
  • Maximum particle size 1.9 millimeter;
  • Maximum temperature of liquid being pumped is 90 degrees Celsius;
  • 2 inch inlet and 2 inch outlet
  • Perfectly in tune with the 2 inch drains on the iStill One, the iStill Masher, and the iStill Fermenters;
  • Total weight < 20 kilo (so you can carry it around!) andit has wheels with brakes on them;
  • Price: EUR 1,495.

Mode of operation:

  • Attach the pump to the iStill One / Masher / Fermenter drainage system;
  • Open up the leaver so wash / ferment / low wines / backset enters the iStill Pump;
  • Start the pump.

If you have a grain wash you want to pump from one vessel to the other, make sure you put the agitator on prior to starting the pumping action! The agitator on the vessel you are pumping from, not the one you are tranfering to. This helps to feed the iStill Pump with wash, instead of just grain.


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