iStill One and Ventilation

Since the iStill One runs on natural gas, it uses oxygen. As do you and your co-workers. The amount of air and oxygen inside your distillation hall is limited, therefore you may need to ventilate.

If you buy an iStill One and let us know the size (height, width, length) of your hall, and tell us with how many people you work there,  we will calculate how much “old” air you need to ventilate out of the building.

An exampe. A distillation room that’s 4 meters high, 5 meters wide, and 12 meters long will need around 160 m3 of fresh air per hour. That’s with 4 people present and the iStill One on full throttle.

If you think 160 m3 per hour is a lot … well, it actually isn’t. That fan you have in your bath room is probably capable of 80 m3 per hour already. And a 30 centimeter diameter industrial fan system, that will cost you around EUR 350, easily ventilates out 2,000 m3 per hour.

Do you live in a hot climate? In that case it may be wise to install the fan relatively high up in your building. That way you get rid of warmer air, that rises up, and cool your room at the same time. Living in a colder climate? In that case the ventilation system can be placed lower.

For your fermentation room, a ventilation system that’s placed lower has certain advantages. CO2, produced during the fermentation process, is heavier than air. It assembles on the floor (if you have no system to “catch” CO2 right of the fermenter), so you may want to ventilate it out via a system placed closer to the floor.

No, this is not good enough:


But this is:


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