The Distiller’s Guide to Rum

Just woke up. Poured myself a first cup of coffee. Outside the sun is shining. Good day for some biking. Or reading?

Bill Owens shipped me a copy of “The Distiller’s Guide to Rum”. Over one hundred pages on rum history & practice. Very insightful! A “must read” for anyone interested in rum making! And one of my favorite drinks specialists, Ian Smiley, is one of the authors.

Here’s a link:

And here’s the description:

“This book is inspired by the recent popularity of rum among cocktail circles, and by the advent of so many new rum craft distilleries in North America. Included is: the story of rum and how it is made, the ingredients, equipment and processes used to make rum; the lubricious effects of barrel aging, and the various ways that it is done. And, a step-by-step description on how to distill and age rum— including a recipe.”

rum cover template.indd

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