Road Trip USA!

My wife and I spent the last few weeks in the USA. We flew to Miami, rented a 300 bhp Mustang Convertible and slowly made our way to Atlanta. We visited Miami, wrestled some alligators, saw some Indians, and ate the best milkshakes at “Robert is Here!”

Kennedy Space Center was great, too! As was St. Augustin. The talks with St. Augustin’s Distillery’s Brendan Wheatly were interesting and his Kothe still set-up was very nice.

Near Jacksonville we visited the site for the USA East Coast iStill Center. We met Roger and Heather Morenc, who are opening their “Marlin & Barrel Distillery” at this very moment.

We did some boating and fishing on the Georgia sea shore. Do you want to grab a steak that’s big enough to grab you? Selman’s Bluff is where you want to go …

Savannah is a beautiful city. Parcs, Victorian houses, the river bank. The Distillery is a restaurant and not a distillery. The food was good, the pumpkin beer just great.

In Charleston, we visited Striped Pig Distillery and talked to Todd Weis. Jazz at the High Cotton Club was a treat!

We finished our Road Trip in Atlanta. Visited the Coca-Cola Museum, as well as the Aquarium and CNN.

In short? We had a great time!

foto 1

Odin & Mss. Odin

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