Complete iStill Distillery Now Available!

Remember the “I had a dream” Blog Post? Remember my dreamwalk with Elon Must? Well, it is time to inform you that we translated that dream into a reality!

iStill now offers:

  • The iStill Masher: a natural gas and direct steam fired masher with computer aided mashing at 2,000 liter capacity;
  • The iStill Fermenter: a water jacketed, electrically heated, 2,000 liter capacity fermenter, that’s fully computer controlled;
  • The iStill One (formerly known as the iStripper);
  • The iStill 250;
  • The iStill Pump for easy mash and low wines transfer.

Envision one masher, five fermenters, one iStill One, and one iStill 250, and you will have a complete distillery set-up, fine-tuned for complete proces & system integration.

Setting-up a distillery used to be a frustrating and capital intensive affair. Frustrating, because of bottle-neck management. Normally, a distiller would have either too little capacity at mashing or at distilling. The integrated design, as proposed above, takes care of that. No more bottle-necks. Each and every part of the production proces in the iStill Distillery is exactly tuned to work optimally together with the other parts.

And how about capital investment? To set-up a pro distillery used to cost around a million bucks. When you buy the complete iStill Distillery, you will get better performance, more flexibility, and save € 830,000. Yes, really, we offer this turn-key distillery,  including assemby and testing and instruction on location for just € 170,000!

What it gives you production wise? Here are the numbers for a five day per week, one man operation:

  • Make 1,500 liters of (for example) 8.5% mash per day with the iStill Masher;
  • Ferment 1,500 liters of wash per day (on a 5 day fermentation scheme – extra long for additional taste for whiskey, brandy or rum);
  • Which translates to around 250 liters of 40% cut and ready to market product per day;
  • Enough to fill over 350 bottles of 0.7 liters each;
  • Per week that’s 1,750 bottles;
  • With a margin of € 3.- per bottle, you will be making € 5,200 a week;
  • That’s € 240,000 of gross profit per year, holidays included (well, you still have to sell those bottles!);
  • Return on investment within one year!


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