What’s in a name?

Well, quite a lot, actually! Remember we used the work title “iStripper” for our new, 1,500 liter, natural gas fired rig? The connotation with that name is … that it’s probably a great stripper.

Is it? Yes it is. But it is so much more than just a stripper. Our new rig can be used to make a whiskey or vodka in one go as well. And it can help you make vodka and gin. “iStripper”, as a name, does not transfer that well enough, we feel.

So what is it truly? The more we spoke about it, the more we thought about it … our new rig is the one you want … the one you need if you want to be part of the way in which we help revolutionize the craft distilling industry.

The new name? iStill One. The one rig that does it all. And we also renamed our new masher and fermenters. No more iMasher or iFermenter. From now on the names are iStill Masher and iStill Fermenter. More on them later. Here’s a picture of the iStill One:




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