OSPP? Really?

Yes, I am not making a joke. We just stopped selling SPP. We are now re-introducing SPP to the market place. Not just any SPP. Not just to any market place.

SPP is still available to our customers running 50 liter units. If they need a replacement fill, they can order, and we will deliver.

The same goes for our new OSPP. It is an option our existing clients can order. It’s not for sale to others, simply because we can’t make enough of it.

What OSPP is? Easy, Oversized Spiral Prismatic Packing. And “Oversized” refers to the size of our new SPP. You may have heared about it. I spoke about it close to a year ago. That’s how long it takes to develop something new like this. What? SPP for our iStill 250 and iStripper units. That’s what OSPP is. Bigger sized SPP for bigger diameter columns.

The road to this new and bigger SPP has been long. The problem was the weight to volume ratio. Bigger SPP is heavier. Heavier per volume. And the weight tended to crush or at least deform the shape of the SPP situated lower in the column.

We now solved that and proudly present OSPP. A solution to all of your distillation challenges? Definately not. But it will help you out in certain situations: if you want to set-up your iStill 250 or iStripper for one, and one goal only: to make neutral or vodka.

Please remember that the already existing ceramic packing works increadibly well. It allows the iStill 250 to make taste rich products as well as pure, azeotropic spirits. But if neutral or vodka is all you are after, you may consider purchasing our new OSPP.

It will give you a lower HETP, so more redistillations. It will make vodka production even easier. But please be reminded of this: OSPP will strip out too much flavour, if you are after taste rich product in potstill mode.

We will add it to our product directory on http://www.iStill.eu in a week or so. Stainless Steel as well as Copper. Oh, and the iCat 250 will be equiped with copper OSPP from now on! Here’s a picture:



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