Lo and behold: the iStripper

Here are a few first pictures of the iStripper being assembled. One amazing product. It can strip your mash and create low wines. Or you can use it as a “one run rig”, and use it as a finishing still. And if that’s not enough, you can use it as a masher as well.

Stirring device? Yes, 19 rpm! Or anything from 0 to 19 rpm actually. How come? We just couldn’t resist. iStill is about “Distilling made easy”. Yes, we made a world class stripper. But it is so much more versatile than just that. We took the liberty of adding some automation. It will up the price. But I am not going to apologize, since the automation pays back big time.

The iStripper’s automation allows you to:

  • Control the “bottom dweller” design stirring device (great for both mashing and distilling);
  • Control boiler temperature (great for step-up mashing);
  • Control gas temperature of gasses entering the columns (yes, really, plural): great for tails control;
  • Control gas temperature of gasses exiting the column (only one, sorry): great for heads control.

The iStripper comes with passive reflux induced HETP management. Now, that’s a mouth full, isn’t it? It means you can use it as a potstill … or you can use it as a “plated” still. Each cleaning section gives 3 re-distillations. You can choose to run the iStripper without cleaning sections and just get one redistillation. Or you can add as many as 4 cleaning sections, taking your low wines or product close to Azeo. An iCatalyst is also included. For more sulfur control and another plate or two. And if you want to take the copper packing out of the iCat and replace it by herbs? Please, do so. The iStripper can handle it.

iStripper? Maybe we should call this beast the iVersatile? Anyhow, here are some first pictures. Very proud of finally being able to share them with you …

Unpacking the iStripper …

foto 1

Assembling the iStripper …

foto 2

Lo and behold … the iStripper!

foto 3




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