So we have the new gas burners in. We are installing them under our iStripper as we speak, and expect to distill some 1,200 liters of wash on Monday. How the iStripper runs? Great! But we didn’t achieve full throttle yet. The original gas burners weren’t up to specs.

How the iStripper looks? Well, just awsome! Think “Rocket to the Moon”, only better. The picture under neath gives an impression that’s not too far off. We will be taking some first photo’s soon and will probably post them early next week!

More news coming up? Yes! We have another iStill Team Meeting coming up. With some new products to test & share. Computer controlled and all. Amazing? Yes, but for now that’s all I am allowed to say about it. On the other hand, if you read my “I had a dream” Blog Post, you can probably guess it by yourself.

More info next week!



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