Firmware Version 3.26

We fixed the bug on v3.25! Just testing it, and everything goes according to plan. Select Pure Mode, select Carbon Filtration … it will maintain 96% all the time. As it should.

So here’s a question. Do you run v3.25? If so, please let me know via and we will ship you a new computer ASAP. A new computer with the new firmware in place. Under the understanding you will sent back the old computer containing v3.25.

“Okay,” you may say, “but I don’t use the carbon filter, so why change the computer?”

If you don’t use the filter, disconnect the tube that leads to the filter … and use it as your hearts collection tube to create a different take-off path for heads as compared to hearts …

Darn, we need to get that tablet functionality in place, so we can sent you new programming digitaly instead of physicaly!


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