Firmware Version 3.26

We fixed the bug on v3.25! Just testing it, and everything goes according to plan. Select Pure Mode, select Carbon Filtration … it will maintain 96% all the time. As it should.

So here’s a question. Do you run v3.25? If so, please let me know via and we will ship you a new computer ASAP. A new computer with the new firmware in place. Under the understanding you will sent back the old computer containing v3.25.

“Okay,” you may say, “but I don’t use the carbon filter, so why change the computer?”

If you don’t use the filter, disconnect the tube that leads to the filter … and use it as your hearts collection tube to create a different take-off path for heads as compared to hearts …

Darn, we need to get that tablet functionality in place, so we can sent you new programming digitaly instead of physicaly!


Vodka Arte y Tecnica

An interview with Jean Paul Combeau from Vodka Arte y Tecnica!

Jean Paul, how come your distillery is called Vodka Arte y Tecnica, “Vodka Art & Science”?

We make vodka and feel it is as much an art as it is a science. That’s why our distillery is called Vodka Arte y Tecnica, Odin.

Where are you situated? What is the market for drinks looking like over at your place?

We are situatied in Bogota, Colombia. The Colombian market is huge, really huge. Colombia has a population of 50 milion people. Currently, the market is divided among legal producers, importers, bootleggers, and smugglers.

What products do you make besides vodka?

For the near future we plan to make use of the great variety of fruits and coffee varieties Colombia offers. We already tested some recipes with spectacular results, but are not ready yet to release them.

What local sugar sources do you use?

We stay away from sugars, even though here are very good local sources. Instead, we make our vodka from potato starch.

What’s the goal you strive for? Where do  you want to stand in 5 years time?

In 5 years from now, we want to be known as a top quality producer of a variety of spirits, locally and internationally. Colombia is not known for good quality Vodka worldwide. We plan to change that.

How did you find out about iStill?

We got to know about you through a guy named Chris, who runs the Nanodistiller Forum and organizes artesan distilling trainings in Jacksonville. Originally, we wanted to buy American distillation equipment. When we went over to Jacksonville for a training course, he mentioned iStill and the rest is history.

Why did you purchase the iStill 250?

We needed the biggest, most effective unit iStill had to offer, when we ordered in 2013. Picking the iStill 250 was a no brainer.


Computer Bug in Firmware Version 3.25

We found a computer bug in v3.25. In Pure Mode, when Carbon Filtration is chosen, the programming won’t maintain pure, 96% abv. Instead, it will change its course to a normal pot distillation.

The quick fix it to not use the Carbon Filtration option, when distilling in Pure Mode.

Over here, we are ammending the problem. Timeline is that we expect this bug to be fixed today.

If you have Firmware Version 3.25 and use the Carbon Filtration option, please let us know, so we can ship you a new computer!