Hi there!

Here’s some more info on the iStripper. We will be welding next week! Very exciting times!

Here we go:
  1. Boiler capacity will be 1300 liters instead of 1000;
  2. That’s for extra versatility: you can put in 1000 liters … or a bit more (grains, berries);
  3. Thick (4.0 mm), curved bottom (quite the challenge to design and make that!);
  4. Natural Gas Heating for cost efficiency;
  5. This will cut energy costs by four, when compared to electricity;
  6. Power capacity of 75.0 KWa with regulatory knobs;
  7. Five centimeter thick boiler insulation (for even more efficiency);
  8. Centrally located continuous mixer (18.2 rpm) with 130 cm of diameter;
  9. Three hatches;
  10. Two 6 feet tall chimneys: 1. oxygen in; 2. burned gasses out;
  11. One ladder;
  12. Option to put a glass catalyst on the column (why not?);
  13. Aftercooler with 6,500 cm2 of surface area.
I expect to put up a few first pictures in a week from now!

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