iStripper Functionality

Basically, the iStripper can perform three functions:

  1. Strip run;
  2. Gin run;
  3. Mashing.

That the iStripper strips does not come as a surprise. Hey, it’s a stripper, right? Yes it is. And one that will deliver around 120 liters of low wines per hour. Yes, your calculations are right! You can strip around 1,000 liters of wash in just 3 hours.

The iStripper for gin making? Yes, sure, why not? If you want to distill “on the herbs”, the new iStripper with its stirring device, is perfect. The “Bottom Dweller Design” stirrer is perfect for distilling on the grain as well as distilling with herbs in the boiler. Optionally, you can add the iGinhead (an iCatalyst without packing, actually) and Easy Lifting System to the column. Herbs and berries go into the boiler, fruit skins can go in the gin basket.

Mashing? Really? Yes, really. Just imagine you want to use corn to make a Bourbon. Your hammer mill broke the kernels, but now you need to cook it. Easy. Fill the iStripper with water, bring it to a boil, start the stirrer, and add the broken corn. Now boil it for as long as you want. Then let it cool. At around 64 degrees C you add the malt … And if you use a thermometer, you can even do step up mashes. For instance, bring water to 45 degrees C, add rye, give it a protein rest. Then step up the heat input for the next phase, etcetera.

Just sharing.


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