PMM 50 Upgrade Now Available!

We now take orders on the new Power Management Modules to upgrade your iStill 50! Do you currently own an iStill 50? And do you want to add power management? Than the PMM 50 is the way to go!

Even with the new PMM 50 installed, the iStill 50 will automatically heat up at 4 KW and run at 2 KW. So what are the advantages of adding the PMM 50?

The PMM 50 allows you to manually override the automated settings. During the run, you can decide to up the power input. Or you can slow the iStill 50 down. The main advantages are threefold:

  1. With the new PMM 50 installed, and in Potstill Mode, you can now do super fast stripping runs, where the iStill 50 produces around 7 liters of low wines per hour. A 2 1/2 hour stripping run, heating-up included, is perfectly feasible. Just dial-up the power to 100% or 4 KW!
  2. Or move in the opposite direction and choose a slower finishing run in Potstill Mode. For instance, when you want to finish a whiskey or brandy that has to hit the market soon, the product will benefit from a slightly lower power input like 40% or 1.6 KW during that finishing run.
  3. In Pure Mode, the PMM 50 will give you more plates! If you up the power to 70% or 2.8 KW, you will create more gasses, more reflux, more re-distillations, faster production, and an even more stable run.  On a 30% low wines charge, production will go up to above 4 liters per hour.

The PMM 50 works with percentages. You can dial in anything from 0 to 100%, where 100% equals 4 KW. By pushing the bud, you can quickly change power settings from 0% to 50% to 100%. The big steps, so to say.

And if you want to fine tune power input, just turn the bud. Turning it will give you 1% steps for perfect control. More on control? You bet! Every time you push or turn the bud, there is a 3 seconds delay before the choosen power setting is actually fed into the boiler. That way, if you put in the wrong power setting, there is time to correct.

More on pricing. To retrofit your iStill 50 with the new PMM 50 will cost you EUR 150. But we won’t just be shipping you the PMM 50. With the new PMM 50 we also ship new heaters. Why? So you don’t have to re-connect the heaters yourself.

The price tag of EUR 150 is only valid if you ship the old heaters and Power Box back to us, by the way. If you want to keep the “old” parts, the price of the retrofit package goes up to EUR 250.

If you want to order the PMM 50 with new heaters, please write us an email via!

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