Letter from Steve Ross

Odin, I thought I would drop you this letter to thank you for all your help and quick responses in helping us to decide to purchase the istill 250.

As you know we are a little different than some of your buyers. We are already an established craft distillery that’s been in business for over 5 years and with a flagship award winning vodka.

We have a 600 liter Arnold Holstein Copper Still which we are extremely happy with.  The reason we purchased the iStill 250 was to make gin. Our big still has a fully implemented  CIP (clean in place) system however after a gin run the copper requires a complete chemical cleaning rather than a normal wash down which requires many hours in our case to remove the residual traces of a gin distillation before we can again distill neutral alcohol or whiskey. By purchasing the iStill we can now make Gin in a cost effective way.

A second benefit to us is that we run a successful distilling school 3 times a year. We often have to turn people away because we are full.  The iStill is an exceptional piece of equipment for those interested in getting into commercial craft distilling. The cost, ease of operation and its ability to educate a new distiller is just amazing. I expect once would be craft distillers find that we have incorporated the iStill into our program, there will be even more interest in our School.

Steve ross

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