Updates & Innovations


After some more tests in Super Fast Stripping mode, we feel we can update you on its performance. And yes, things get even better! Performing a Super Fast Strip run with any iStill will cost you less than 3 hours. Okay, but how much less?

The iStill VISION strips an 8% wash in 2 hours and 35 minutes, heating-up included. Both the iStill 250 and iStill 50 will perform a Super Fast Strip run from start to finish in under 2 1/2 hours. That includes a very short, one minute stabilization, and an end of process temperature of 99.5 degrees C.


We re-organized the thermometer probe array. Instead of three, every iStill column now has four probes. Together with the new software (Version 3.24), this allows for even tighter heads and tails cuts, and a faster, more stable and still purer hearts collection phase.

Especially the Pure Mode benefits from the new probe array and changed software. An example of how the beefed up controlls helps to further improve performance? It allows for the iStill 250 to now collect up to 20 liters of the purest azeotrope per hour!



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