Testing the iStill VISION (and some info on market introduction)


We tested the iStill VISION. We ran a 30% boiler wash in pure mode while we threw an increadible 2,600 watts at it. That’s 600 watts over the normal setting. Collection rate was 3.2 liters per hour and very, very stable. At opening 21 (where 24 is the maximum needle valve opening), it was 96% all the way!

Next thing we did, was put the iStill VISION in potstill mode, fill it with 40 liters of 7% rye beer, and throw 4,000 watts at it. We wanted to find out how well she will work as a very fast stripper. Well, fast she was! Around 6.1 liters per hour. That means the SS iStill 50 can strip at around 7 liters per hour. The iStill 250 strips at around 32 liters per  hour. If the boiler wash is slightly higher, performance will go up accordingly.

Market introduction

We decided we do not want to wait with the market introduction of our VISION model any longer. The tablet is not ready yet, and since we want to add as much functionality as we can to the tablet, prior to its launch, we run the VISION via the standard (if that’s the correct word) iStill computer. Does that mean it performs less? O no, not at all. It just means you won’t have the liberty (yet) to walk around with your tablet or pick-up new downloads via the internet, etc.


But, just as on the iStill 250 and iStill 50, we will offer the tablet (as well as a new harnass with less cables, a revised needle-valve head, and the iPMM) as a retrofit upgrade. In fact, we just finished shooting a “how to?” retrofit instruction for when the tablet is done. Piece of cake. Current estimate is that the price of the retrofit package (for all our stills) will be around € 500.


Since the iStill VISION is run via our normal computer, we can lower the price to € 3,495. The first 10 customers who order the iStill VISION will only pay € 3,150.-. Now, how’s that for a market introduction?



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