iStill VISION Test Run

How she runs? Like a dream! More info on parameters, market introduction and pricing will follow tomorrow. For now? A picture and an explanation:

  • The iStill VISION is in it’s production phase, collecting hearts;
  • In about 54 seconds the “full information screen” will go back to the new standard production screen with less info;
  • Temperature at the top of the deplag (Tpe) is 31 degrees, meaning cooling water does its work just fine;
  • The opening setting of the needle-valve is 20;
  • The temperature at the bottom of the column is 84 degrees C;
  • Temperature at the stabilization point is 77.8 degrees;
  • Temperature just under take-off (T_ou), as well as today’s air pressure corrected boiling point of pure ethanol (Tda), is 77.7 degrees C.


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