New Power Management Module for our 50 models!

Hi there!

Here’s a picture of the all new Power Management Module (PMM) for our 50 models. It allows you to dial in power manually. Why is that good? And doesn’t the iStill manage power automatically anymore? Two very good questions. Now, let’s answer them! I will address the second question first.

Yes, the iStills manage power automatically. Our 50 models heat up with 4 KW and then automatically switch to 2 KW during the run. It always did that and it still does that.

So … why can the new manual override help you? How can it make distilling easier? Well, it broadens the ways in which you can use your iStill. For instance:

  • Do you want to perform a fast strip run in potstill mode? Just up the power manually. In stead of running the iStill at the automated power input of 2 KW, you can now choose anything up to 4 KW, thus halving the time your strip run takes.
  • Do you want to perform a very slow spirit run in potstill mode? For instance, for even better heads & tails control? Just dial back the power input.
  • Do you want to push the number of re-distillations in pure mode to the max? Dial up power manually to around 2.7 KW during the run. More power means more steam is created, and more steam means more reflux, and more reflux means … more redistillations.

There are some more goodies that come with the new PMM. I will do a write up on all of them soon!



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