A new test: Can we make white whiskey at 95%?

I find my rye bread whiskey to be so overwhelming in taste, when pot distilled, I want to test out a different approach. Next batch I will distill in pure mode, using the Fores & Heads removal program. I expect the heads and tails to be so well compacted, it will give a lot of taste transfer into hearts. I will use 75 liters of rye bread beer that’s all but done. Expected ABV of 8.5%.

This will be my distillation scheme for the first run:

  1. Enter 40 liters of 8.5% rye bread beer into the boiler;
  2. Run the pot still program without carbon filtering;
  3. Choose the Fores removal program only;
  4. Dial in Fores at 78.5 C, set stabilization time at one minute, and put the end temperature at 98.5 C.

I expect to collect around 5 liters at 60% in around 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

Now for the second run, I will:

  1. Put the remaining 35 liters of beer in the boiler;
  2. Add the 5 liters of 60% low wines;
  3. Choose the pure distillation mode without carbon filtering, as well as the Fores & Heads removal program;
  4. Set Fores collection at 78.5C, set stabilization at 15 minutes, and end temperature at 97 C;
  5. To give the iStill some extra leeway, and to c0llect with less re-distillations during hearts, I want to choose the 0.5 degrees thrashold instead of the 0.3 standard.

I expect to collect 50 mls of fores, 250 mls of heads, and – after that – quite some fine tasting hearts. But will it taste like a whiskey? Or will the flavour profile be more like a vodka? Let’s find out!



75 liters of rye bread beer …

4 thoughts on “A new test: Can we make white whiskey at 95%?

  1. Hi Odin,
    That’s a nice piece of advice:
    Doing a 1.5 run and increasing the treshold to 0.5 degrees instead of the 0.3 standard.
    Will try that coming Sunday when doing a Cornflakes run in potstill mode!

    • Not sure it will suit you! I think my conclusion is this: taste rich either go potstill mode or pure mode, with 0.3 degrees trashhold, but than with added feints. This run without feints gives me more taste than a vodka, but just shy of a whiskey.

  2. Wow, being able to make those kind of adjustments to the still runs by a press of a button or two, instead of sitting and reading a book, while distilling for 6 to 8 hour. Will be so much easier , and I will be able to do some office work and run the still….Odin you express ship CMY Distillery’s still!!!lol

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