One Eight Distilling

Today, we got a visit from Alex Laufer, the future Master Distiller at One Eight Distilling, the new craft distillery from Washington DC.

One Eight Distilling decided to purchase the iStill 250 with 220 volt conversion, tablet functionality, and the iCatalyst. They will use the iStill 250 to make gins.

Alex flew over from Washington DC for a training day at the iStill Center. We did a pure run on a rye wash, in order to make a vodka. And after that, we did a potstill run on a gin maceration. He wanted to learn how to run the iStill prior to taking delivery and we had a great day together!

Thanks for stopping by, Alex! And for the One Eight Distillery T-shirt!

Alex and the iStill 250:


One thought on “One Eight Distilling

  1. Hi Odin,

    Thank-you for your hospitality & for a great day of learning on the iStill. We can’t wait to get started making vodka, gin and whiskey (& maybe a Jenever too)! I look forward to visiting Woerden again, and hosting you in Washington DC.


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