iStill VISION: an update

Having done a lot of testing on the iStill VISION, and prior to starting delivering the units already sold, we want to inform you about a few changes we made during the development and testing phases.

First, we situatied th needle-valve section a bit higher. That way, the feed from the slanted plates towards the needle valve is completely horizontal. Why? Because it looks better!

Secondly, the water tubes going to the top of the column are now made out of white/clear see through material. Since this iStill is called the  iStill VISION, we want you to see as much as you can. That’s why we replaced the original blue hoses.

Thirdly, we ditched the computer standard to the left side of the column. Since this rig is managed via a tablet computer, and since a tablet gives you the mobility to walk around, why fix it to the column, right? Instead, the iStill VISION will be equipped with a tablet rest.

The fourth thing we changed, is the diameter of the treads that hold the glass sections together. For an even more rigid column, they now are twice as thick.

The new structure to enable  our clients to run the automation and the iStill remotely is ready. The power management module now has an antenna as well as WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. That way the tablet can “talk” to the still and vice versa. The only thing we are still working on (should be ready in 2 weeks time) is the actual program on the tablet.

A few options we are developing for the tablet are:

  • Air pressure: you can see the actual air pressure readings on your tablet (an important value, since air pressure greatly influences boiling points);
  • ABV Management: you can dial in the ABV of the wash or low wines you will be distilling, so the automation can choose the best suited neede-valve opening right away;
  • Power management: the tablet allows you to change the power input during the run. Instead of the standard 2 KW, you can go lower (for instance on a potstill run) or higher (to make even better use of SPP’s ever lower HETP in semi-flooded conditions).

Final testing will take place in February. Delivery will start in March.


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