iPMM: the next step in power management

Here’s an update on our latest generation Power Management Module, the iPMM. And a picture as well! If you feel like asking: “Odin, what the heck? Why a new Power Management Module? Didn’t iStill just introduce a new PMM like a few months ago?”, I understand. So let me explain.

Yes, we introduced a new PMM just a few months ago. But this new generation iPMM takes things a few steps further. With the first generation we added manual overrides for the power settings. And we changed a lot more stuff behind the scenes, with which I do not want to bother you now.

The iPMM takes a two huge leaps forward. In terms of functionality it adds:

  1. Bluetooth and WiFi for remote control via the tablet computer;
  2. Complete manual override for all tablet supported functions.

The first part will ensure you can run your iStill via the tablet computer. The second part makes sure that you can run your iStill at all times. Even whitout your tablet, you can dial in all menu settings and all distillation programs. In layman’s terms? If you accidentaly break your tablet, you can still run your iStill.

Here’s a picture of how the new iPMM looks like on the iSTill VISION. But, rest assured, the iPPM will be available for the iStill 50 and the iStill 250 as well. On new ones and (via retrofitting) on existing iStills.



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