Great experience with iStill gin consultancy!

“I wanted to get a post up here to let folks know about the positive experience I’ve had with the gin consulting services offered by Edwin from iStill.

Gin education is a funny thing. There seems to be a shortage of reliable information out there, and the information that is available is not necessarily relevant to ones specific equipment. I spent over 6 months working to develop a sort of genever/new west gin hybrid that was built off of a malt base (not into using Grain Neutral Spirit). I had mixed success and really wasn’t getting the spirit to where I wanted it to be. I eventually reached out to Edwin for his guidance, and the help I received was massively beneficial. To have someone from Holland lending knowledge regarding process (maceration time, best use of gin basket, how best to utilize my boiler setup, etc.) and recipe formulation on the subject of genever was huge. I’ve run into a lot of “experts” who were quick and decent enough to offer an opinion, but I felt that Edwin had more guidance backed by reasoning to offer than I had gotten elsewhere.

We’re really happy with where we’ve finally gotten our gin, and it has been VERY well received thus far.

If anyone out there is looking for some expert consultation on their gin project, I strongly recommend reaching out to Edwin. He’s top notch.”

Lenny – Deerhammer Distillery, Buena Vista, CO, USA


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