A Polish Kiss and a Happy New Year!

Did you read the post below? About how to make Zubrowka AKA bison grass vodka? And did you already make it? Well, it even gets better!

With the help of some of our Polish followers, the true experts on Zubrowka, the recipe got some additional fine tuning. Here it is:

Put 10 grams of dried holygrass in 170 mls of 50% alcohol. Macerate for 10 days. Then filter out the grass.

To make 1 liter of Zubrowka, add 20 mls of the essence to 420 mls of 96% alcohol (preferably rye based vodka). Add 5 grams of sugar and 580 mls of water. Give it a good shake and let it rest for a week.

Both the maceration at 50% and the sugar add a sweetness to the final drink that makes it more accessible.

So … how to make that perfect drink for your New Year celebration? Use the Zubrowka to make the cocktail known as “Polish Kiss”. Very easy. Chill your Zubrowka in the fridge. Chill some apple juice as well. Mix one part of Zubrowka with two parts of apple juice. Add a slice of apple to the rim of the glass. There it is: your first Polish Kiss!

Polish Kiss

The iStill Team wishes you a great 2014!

One thought on “A Polish Kiss and a Happy New Year!

  1. Hi Odin 🙂
    “Polish Kiss”? Not bad, but in Poland we say: “Szarlotka” (charlotte – apple pie). Urban legend says this coctail was invented at 60s last century in Cracow by Piotr Skrzynecki – director and founder cabaret “Cellar under the Rams” and very important person for polish and cracow culture. Skrzynecki called it “Tatanka” and probably it was a joke because if I good remember books tales about north-american Indian, Tatanka in Dakota linguage means just… bison. Now you can meet two names, Tatanka and more often Szarlotka.
    Regards and sorry for my english.

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