The iMasher … really?

I can almost hear you think: “What!?! So you just launched the iStripper … and one day later … another new product? Get real, Odin!”

Not sure we are actually launching another product. But I am sure we will launch new functionality, that enables you to use the iStripper for another step inherent to the whiskey or vodka making process.

What step that is? Mashing.

Mashing is the process where, under the influence of heat and the enzymes available in malted grains, starches are turned into fermentable sugars. And since we need fermentable sugars to help the yeast create a base beer with alcohol, yes, mashing is critical to whiskey making and (most) vodka making.

Because easy mashing makes for … easier distilling, we took another look at the newly launched iStripper and decided it can do a very decent job as a masher as well.

Just take a look at the general lay-out. Water jacketed heating, more than enough power to bring boiler contents to a boil … It isn’t hard to imagine filling the iStripper with hot water, bringing it to a boil, and adding (as an example) corn. After some cooling, you  may decide to add rye. And when temperatures are around 65 to 67 degrees C, you add the malted barley for the enzymatic conversion process to start.

With the iStripper as masher, single infusion mashing can be done easily. The only thing you need to take to the party is a stirring device. But how about stepping up your mashing procedures? How about adding grain to – say – 40 degrees C water, and then upping the water temperature to 50 degrees for a proteine rest, then a conversion rest at 61 degrees, etc.?

No problem. Either through the Power Management Module or via the tablet, you can increase or decrease the power until you reach the temperatures you need.

Is mashing finished? Just pump the grain mash into your fermenters and start fermenting on the grain. Is that finished too? Pump it back into the iStripper and perform your stripping run as usual.

The message I want to convey? If you buy the iStripper, you actually buy a mash tun as well. Saves you money to buy a two-in-one device.

iStill wouln’t be iStill, if we wouldn’t take it yet another step further. We expect to launch mashing software and programming for on the tablet operated  iStripper in Q2 of 2014. The mashing software allows you to dial in your own mashing scheme and the iStripper (of should it be iMasher?) will take it from there.


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