The iStripper …

More news on the iStripper! What the iStripper is? Your next step up, if you already have an iStill 250 and want to make even better use of its capabilities.

How that works? The iStripper helps you strip a wash in the easiest way possible. Add any wash to your iStripper and do a strip run. Now add the low wines from the iStripper to your iStill 250 and perform the spirit run. You will now be doing a spirit run on a much bigger total amount of alcohol. Bigger batches, more production? Yes, times three.

A bit more on the iStripper’s size. The total footprint is comparable to our iStill 250 unit. Yes, the boiler will be wider, but since there is no carbon filter attached to the iStripper, it does not take up more of your floor space.

The boiler has a gross capacity of 1,000 liters. That’s 260 gallons. To harbour the bigger amount of wash the iStripper can strip, the boiler will be higher, compared to the iStill 250 boiler, but since the column will be shorter, total height of the iStripper won’t surpass the total height of the iStill 250.

The 1,000 liter/260 gallons gross capacity enables you to strip washes as big as 700 to 750 liters without any problems. The iStripper will take a 750 liter 8% wash to 220 to 230 liters of 25% low wines in one go. And 220 to 230 liters of 25% low wines is the perfect batch size to put in your iStill 250 …

In short? The iStripper will not take up much of your floor place and fits pretty much anywhere. It is designed specificly to deliver one low wines boiler charge to the iStill 250. That’s what we call “iStill System Integration”.

How the iStripper works? It works via an indirect heating system. A water bath, surrounding most of the primary boiler, heats up boiler contents. Our choice for indirect heating makes the iStripper very versatile. If you ferment on the grain, you can just jump your wash, graines included, into the iStripper and do your strip run. And if you want to strip a beer? It will do that just as well.

On automation? Since the iStripper will be fitted with our all new Power Management Module (PMM), we can add WiFi and Bluetooth for tablet management as an option. The tablet allows you to manage power input, but will also show you water temperature and water pressure in the water jacket, as well as the actual temperature at the top of the column, indicating the low wines ABV you are collecting.

The iStripper can be ordered as of right now. Delivery starts in January 2014. Introduction price for orders placed in 2013 will be:

  • € 7,000.- for the manually managed version (power selection via the PMM)
  • € 8,000.- for the tablet controlled iStripper