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For the last few months this Blog has been about many things, but mainly it has been about us informing you on what we do. New products, new innovations, new programming. We develop it, we make it, we share it, and you get to consume the information.

That’s about to change.

With our new tablet controlled iStills to be released in just 2 months time, you will be in control. You will be telling us what you want, what you expect out of your iStill. And we will be on the “receiving end” of the communication, providing you with the updates, the programming, the upgraded automation that gives you what you need.

iStill Community: the tablet computer gives us so much control over pretty much anything related to distilling parameters, we need you to help us. To help us by telling us what you need most. A switch button from carbon to non-carbon filtering during the run? No problem. The possibility to control power in potstill mode via the software instead of the Power Management Module? Just tell us. Maybe you want to be able to control opening settings of the needle-valve? Let us know. Developing your own distillation procedures with coresponding programming, combined with the ability to store and label those programs? For instance a program “A” for your brandy, a program “B” for your whiskey, and a program “C” for your vodka? Let us know.

My point is: with a tablet managed distillery the possibilities are pretty much endless.

We need your input, your ideas, your plans to get the best upgrades to the market place and to your distillation site first.

So please, get of your lazy …  and start telling us what you want!



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