Power to the people!

Let’s talk power management. Why? Because we are adding it to our stills.

Power managment … what it is? It is a way to manage your distillation process by managing the power you feed to your system.

So … didn’t the iStills have power management already? Yes, they did. And there is even a power management box on each and every still we build.

On an iStill 250, for instance, this box is responsible for a heat-up energy input of 18 kilowatts. And when the iStill notices the boiler is starting to boil, the power management box will lower the energy input to 9 kilowatts for the actual run.

The iStill 250 automatically recognizes when the boiler is heated-up and will switch from 18 to 9 kilowatts in a micro second. The same happens on a run with an iStill 50, an h20 model or our all glass VISION models. Four kilowatts during heat-up and 2 kilowatts during the actual run. Power is managed, and that is what power management does.

But we now take power management one step further. On our 50 as well as on our 250 models, you can actually set power levels yourself during the production phase. The 9 killowats or 2 kilowatts during the run of a 250 or 50 model can now be manually changed. You can over ride the automation and the settings you dial in are displayed on the power management module.

We are adding this option, because we want the master distillers that buy our stills to have maximum control over how they want to fine-tune their distillation programs.

This means that from now on every iStill will be executed with the all new power management module. This module allows you to choose any power setting between 6 and 9 kilowatts for the iStill 250 and 1.5 and 2 kilowatts for the iStill 50 models during the product collection phase. Power settings can be dialed in with steps as small as 0.1 kilowatt.

An application of how you can use power management to further improve your runs? Especially when making single run whiskey, the possibility to manage power is a big plus.

Lower energy input creates a lower vapour speed. Lower vapour speed allows for cleaner cuts while pot distilling low ABV washes.

In short? The iStill 250 can now, during the product collection phase of the potstill program, be tuned from anything between 6,000 Watts and 9,000 Watts. The iStills 50 can be power managed from 1.5 to 2.0 KW.

Oh, ehm … yes. There’s more good news. The new power management won’t be an option. It will be fitted to every new unit we produce from now on.

And if you want to retrofit your current iStill with this addition? Just let us know and we will ship you the upgrade for EUR 195.-, transport costs included and under the condition that you return your existing power box to  us.

Here’s a link to a picture that shows you how the power manager looks like:




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