New catalyst and gin head, easy lifting system

So, here’s a first picture of our new all glass catalyst for the iStill 250. The catalyst can be used as a gin head as well. Just take out the glass section, by means of the wingnut operated easy lifting system, and add a bag of herbs!

The new easy lifting system means you can add the catalyst or gin head to your configuration very easily. You do not need to take the main column off first.

Some more information. We placed the gin head at the bottom of the column. There are four main reasons for that:

  1. More taste transfer when compared to a gin head in the top of the column.
  2. No particle transfer into the final destilate.
  3. No particle transfer into the column packing.
  4. Easier to reach and change out for a new filling.

The system is fully tested and works great. As a catalyst for sulfur rich washes and as a gin head for vapour infusion, so we will take it into production as of now!

iStill … Distilling made easy!


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