Our new SPP machines finally up for mass production!

You probably know that we are developing new SPP machines to improve our current SPP even further. Bad news was it took us longer than we expected.

We had no problems getting the new, computer controlled machines to pump out our newest SPP. The problem was with the knives we used. They were hard, but not hard enough. In knives, harder is better. Harder knives stay sharp longer. Only the sharpest knives make perfect cuts. Only perfect cuts make perfect SPP.

Is there any good news? Yes there is! The new knives, handmade made by special order in the Csech Republic, are in! We recalibrated our machines and are stepping up our SPP production as we speak.

And since we are stepping up production on our new SPP, we expect our lead time to drop from approximately 2 months to 2 weeks in just a few weeks time.

For all those who have been eagerly awaiting their SPP: we are sorry for the delay, but hope you will be satisfied with its performance!


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