3 thoughts on “iStill Movies …

  1. It would be intersting to see a high abv whiskey run on the iStill 50. Particularly the temps when you end hearts and move to tails et c. A lot of people are skeptical about this procedure producing a good spirit.

  2. I will just do that Jim! I think in about two weeks from now! The temperatures used are … always pure azeotropic temperatures! 78.2, 78.1, depending on air pressure. Heads will be taken at maybe 0.1 degree below the ethanol boiling point, because heads consist of a mixture of ethanol and lower boiling point alcohols. Tails are pushed back by the automation as long as possible. Pure azeotropic collection is maintained throughout a pure distillation run. Even when the boiler temp is 99.5 degrees C. But even at azeotropic collection temperatures, near the end of the run tailsy tastes slowly start to get over. I am experimenting with end temperatures in the lowest part of the column of anything from 93 to 96 degrees Centigrade.

    More info to come!

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