Hi guys and girls!

I am doing a run on a combination of a cornflakes wash of about 10% and a rye based simple soured mash that I ran through the potstill program first, taking fores. It totals up to around 35 liters at about 30%. I am making an iStill TV video of the run as we speak. We hope to put it out on http://www.iStill.eu in a day or two.

But here’s an update already. Some first results. After an initial opening setting at 24 and then 20, the iStill automation set the needle valve at 16 and found the sweet spot. When? After about 10 minutes of taking hearts.

I took some measurements and got an astonishing 3.2 liters per hour at 95%+! And after that? Well, after that the iStill decided it could open up some more. The automation opened the needle valve from 16 to 17, and then to 18. Currently collecting at close to 3.5 liters of 95%+ per hour!

O, and in the post below … yes, that’s our newly developed SPP machine being assembled and tested!


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