Packaging and shipping

So far we  have been packing and shipping iStills 50 to Europe a bit differently than the iStills 50 we sent to other continents.

In Europe, we use two packages, to other continents we ship in three packages. The reason for this has everything to do with transportation costs. Price ranges and maximum parcel weights differ between destinations within Europe and international transports.

However, we found that transportation in two instead of three packages (so within Europe) caused damage to some parts on two occasions. And since we want to deliver 100% quality and nothing less,  that’s two occasions too many.

One client got a water management system that was bended because of maltreatment during transport. Just now I received word of another client where the boxes were treated so badly, that the needle valve got bended.

Off course one item is already replaced and the client with the broken needle valve will get a replacement on Monday, but we just don’t want these things to happen. Our rigs are build to last and ready to run. Anything less than that is a no go.

One thing we do, at this very moment, is talk to the couriers and confront them with the damages they caused. The other thing we will do is change the way we ship within Europe. Three parcels instead of two. Electronics will be packed in an additional wooden box for extra protection.



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