iStill Distillers Event

An update on our plans to organize the iStill Distillers Event.

The date is set. Saturday September 14th. We will start at 10h00 in the morning.

Odin will do the kick-off, welcoming guests, lining out the program.

About that program, well, it isn’t done yet. Three things are sure, more will follow:

  • Workshop “Product developments in distillation equipment”;
  • Workshop “Making pear and apple Eau de Vie”;
  • Workshop “Using automated distillation – the iStill 50”;

More information will follow!

The day will look as follows:

  • 10h00: Kick-off;
  • 10h15: Workshop 1;
  • 11h00: Coffee break;
  • 11h15: Workshop 2;
  • 12h00: Walking Lunch (bread, milk, orange juice, …, a chance to talk to distillers, re-sellers, …)
  • 13h00: Workshop 3;
  • 13h45: Workshop 4;
  • 14h30: Coffee break;
  • 14h45: Workshop 5;
  • 15h30: Wrap-up;
  • 16h00: The Distillers BBQ (with drinks)!

We are able to limit the costs to EUR 19.95. For that money you get the coffee, the lunch and BBQ, the workshops and the chance to meet innovative re-sellers as well as colleagues!

Register now on:!distillers-day-2013/c41q

More updates on the workshops will follow on short notice! Please keep following our Blog for regular updates! And visit us September 14th. We have some pretty amazing innovations to share …


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