iStill Experience & Gathering

Since a lot of people are interested in getting to know iStill or in getting to know other iStill users, we are thinking of maybe organizing an iStill Experience & Gathering.

iStill customers and people interested in our products are welcome to visit our showroom on Saturday the 14th of September. The day will probably start around 10h00 in the morning and end at 16h00 or a bit later. With a drink together, I presume …

We are not sure on the program yet, but working with the iStill 50 will definately be part of the fun. We may also add some workshops on whiskey or genever making. Maybe we’ll invite some craft distillers to present their products …

If you have any ideas on how the day could be more interesting, more to your liking, please let me know!

Our showroom is situated in the center of The Netherlands. So it is easy for people from Holland, Belgium, and Germany to join. Do you live further away and want to come? Please do! Email us and we will help you out with finding a good hotel and other things to do. Oh, well, on “other things to do” during a weekend in The Netherlands? Hmmm … our showroom is like 25 miles from Amsterdam.

Okay, that’s it for now. Please let us know how you like the idea of meeting up!


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