Coming up …

So good to see people from Puerto Rico and India joining! A warm welcome. I hope you feel at home. If you have any questions or things you want to share, please feel free to do so.

An update on posts and articles to arrive to the iStill Blog soon:

  • New improved programming. Our revised programming, for further improved automated heads removal, is finished. I will do the final user tests myself somewhere next week and plan to keep you posted on our Blog.
  • Movie “How to use the iStill 50”. Should be ready to be released in about three weeks from now. The movie will answer questions like “what’s what on the iStill 50”, “How do you run her”, “What settings and/or automated programming can be used”, etc. We are currently thinking a few shorter, more to the point movies will be better than one long story that tries to tell it all.
  • Croatia. I am invited to visit Croatia and meet up with some people making drinks over there. If I learn some interesting stuff, I will let you know!
  • Hungary. I got invited to visit some Hungarian craft distilleries, so the story on Palinka might continue. For sure, I will visit Pista as well, and find out how his newly reconstructed wine cellar looks.
  • Keuris is a new Eau de Vie craft distillery, situated in the Low Countries. An interview with the master distiller is planned to be released soon.
  • Lemoncello. A new easy to make recipe by Odin.
  • Jacob Grier, cocktail master from New York, will join our forum! An interview and – who kinows – maybe he will throw some great summer cocktail recipes our way.

Lots of articles coming up! But what kind of articles do you like best? So far, looking back through older posts, I think we can distinguish between three categories:

  1. Articles with information on iStill distillation equipment, like tests, product development, etc.
  2. Articles about Odin diving into local drinking habits like Palinka, Akvavit or Hjemmebrent.
  3. Articles on craft distilleries like Artisan Distillery Nes and Deerhammer.

Time to ask you a question, time for a poll. What sort of articles do you like best on the iStill Blog?


3 thoughts on “Coming up …

    • I agree with Henk!! Perhaps you could change the poll to reflect priority or emphasis. In summary Odin,keep up the multi-tasking!

  1. I will try, Jungle Jim! Thanks for the feed back. It seems like all three topics are fully embraced by our audience. Don’t think “or this/ or that”, but think “and this/and that”. Learned something from that. Thanks.

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