Verdict on the iBeer

Some time ago, when I visited Hungary, I got to drink beer from a large beer dispenser. A nice beer drinking experience from a nice gadget.

I asked you if it would make a contribution to our product range. Answers in the polls show that a small majority of you think it shouldn’t be part of iStill’s product range.

Now, after listening to you guys, I did some thinking of my own. And soon the fog cleared and my mind was made up.

What is iStill about? iStill is about “Distilling made easy”. Does the beer dispenser add to that experience? Does the “iBeer” make distilling easier? The answer to both questions is a clear “No!”

And that means it is a “No”. This gadget, fun though it is, will not be part of our product range.

Thank you all for your input!


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