iStill TV

First of all, a very warm welcome to our guests from Greece! So nice to see that you are visiting our website and Blog!

Things are moving forward faster and faster, it seems. We get a lot of positive  feedback on the brochures and instructions we published on Makes us wonder: “Should we take our communication one step further? And – if so – how should we do that?”

One of the ideas is to start iStill TV. With dedicated videos on the craft of distilling or on how to operate an iStill. Instruction videos, recipe development, you name it.

And please do just that: “name it!”

We would love to hear from you. Do you think videos through iStill TV would be a benefit? What kind of topics should iStill TV deal with? Please feel free to write me a personal email. I appreciate your feedback and will respond personally. My email address?

2 thoughts on “iStill TV

  1. Great idea Odin!!!
    I always watch the monthly Basic Brewing Video podcast, 2 guys brewing beer, experimenting, and teaching. Love to follow your’s!

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