Some instructions on using SPP

Now that we are delivering a lot of SPP pretty much all around the world, we also get some questions on how to use it. I will list the questions we got below and provide the answers as well.

Q: How do we put the SPP in the column?

A: Just use a funnel and pour it in. I a bigger column the funnel is not needed: you can just pour it in. When the column is filled, give it a few shakes, so the SPP can find its place. If – due to the shakes – a few more centimeters of free space are created, pour in some more SPP.

Q: Do we need to apply pressure or compress the SPP?

A: No, just pour it in and give it a few shakes. That will do it!

Q: Can the column be used right away, after filling it with SPP?

A: It is best to perform a cleaning run first. And if you do not use your column for like three months, it is best to start with a cleaning run too.

Q: After a run, do I need to take the SPP out and clean it?

A: No, rinsing the column with water (top down) is all that is needed.

Any more questions? Please let me know!


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