Odin on SPP

Great to see so many of you visiting our website and reading the iStill Blog. A very warm welcome to all of you, especially to the visitors from New Zealand. Last week saw ever increasing numbers of visitors from your beautiful islands.

I think New Zealand is a sort of guide country, when it comes to home distilling. It was (is?) the first Western country where home distilling got legalized. And with great success, as I understand it. I will dive into that soon, and investigate how home distilling actually got legalized and what it did to the home distilling scene over there.

For now … it is back to SPP. And some info on other updates and upcoming product developments.

Lot of folks have ordered iStill SPP. Thanks for that! If my calculations are correct, iStill now provides and sells over 50% of what is commercially produced worldwide. It also means it may take some time to deliver. Sorry for that. We are trying to scale up our operation as we speak.

Since SPP is relatively new, we also received a lot of questions on SPP: on how it works and why it works as good as it does. In order to answer the questions, I wrote an article on SPP. It can be downloaded on our website. I hope it covers most of the questions many of you may have.

For more reading, please see:


More news. I updated the articles on how to make Corn Flakes and Rye Bread Whiskey. With the improvements added to the recipes, the first generations of these products will ferment quicker and better.

We also changed the PDF links. Up until now, when you wanted to download a brochure or instruction, you got messages saying it would take some time. Some unasked for publicity was also shared. I think we fixed that now.

Currently, we have five iStills 50 set up for (almost) continuous testing. We are almost ready to launch a new feature to the programming. For those that already ordered iStills: retrofitting your still with the new computer/programming will be part of our service.

More to come? Yes. An easy single malt recipe. Some notes on taste. An article on heating. And an extensive “live” test of the new programming that is about to be launched. When? Soon!


iStill 50

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