Copper SPP

iStill SPP is a big hit! First shipments to Europe were delivered two weeks ago. Last week I packaged and send the requests from Australia. A new batch of SPP will be available next week and enable us to supply our clients in the Americas.

We also supply all copper SPP for those looking for better sulphur controll. Especially needed in certain fruit washes. We all know that copper is also beneficial in whiskey making, but I want to be honest with you: especially when you are making Pure Whiskey, SS SPP is more than good enough.

If neutral or vodka is your aim, I would advice against copper SPP. It impacts negatively on taste neutrality.

If you want to use it, use it seperately. Do not mix SS with copper SPP, but make or buy a column section for copper SPP and have a bigger section of SS SPP on top. How much copper SPP you need? No more than 10 centimeters. That’s close to 4 redistillations.

Price of the all copper SPP is € 34,- per liter.

copper spp

Copper catalyst under column

Pictures above: all copper SPP and all copper SPP in a seperate iStill column segment: the iStill Catalyst.

3 thoughts on “Copper SPP

  1. When you say the copper spp negatively affects the neutral spirits taste could you elaborate on this please. does it make the vodka taste bad or just remove all taste completely? I am trying to understand this. I have a copper column and thought copper spp would be better.

    • Copper rusts so copper SPP rusts. Flakes come over in the drink. And copper is not tasteless. Far from it. Also, the rusting/flaking results in variations in vapor speeds inside the packing and column …

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