Scrubbers to keep your SPP in place!

Not what anyone would call big news. Rather small news, actually. But it is news, and that’s why I post it.

We are adding pads that help you to keep your SPP packing in place. “Pads”, “scrubbers”, “holding pads”, whatever. If you think a better name suits the product better, please let me know!

The pads will be sold in pairs. One can be put in the lower part of the column, so the SPP is held in place. The second pad can be placed on top of the SPP for the same purpose.

Nice thing is that they don’t take up much space. The pads are about a centimeter high.

The pads are perfectly suited for 2 inch columns.


2 thoughts on “Scrubbers to keep your SPP in place!

  1. the spp super what i buyd from odin. I test it and i am very contented with the result. the result what i’ve got was 95% in one time and good drinkebel as wodka. I tested it and compared it with RVS sponges, and the results where better and de energy consumption was less. I like this product very muts and you must try this. greats sam

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