Interesting new product? Ehm … the new … iBeer?

When I visited Hungary, we visited a great restaurant. I had a dish made from the traditional Hungarian grey cow. A sort of cow that the Hungarians took with them from the Ural region, when traveling towards the Carpathian basin in the 9th century. The cow was all but extinct a few years ago, but due to the efforts of some farmers now flourishes again.

My wife had a steak of Mangalica. Mangalica is the authentic Hungarian pig. Hairy when alive, tasty when dead & grilled. Even better than the Hungarian grey cow? Yes, for sure.

But the biggest surprise I got was from one of our friends … ordering a … very large beer? I hope the picture speaks for itsself, but I will try to explain anyhow. The lower part is made out of wood and contains a tap. The part above is made out of glas or plastic and holds about 3 litres of draught beer. It is brought to your table so you can “draft” your own beers.

What do you think? Would this make for an interesting addition to the iStill product range? I am thinking something like “iBeer”, maybe? Off course, the bottom part should be SS, but that may be amended … Oh, the guy on the picture is not included!


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