Testing pot still functionality II

Blending the glasses

So I did the blending. Not sure if I did a good job, this whiskey does need some ageing!

Glasses 1 to 4: headsy

Glasses 5 to 24: hearts

Glasses 25 to 32: tails

Correction on collection speed

Had to correct some measurements. Glasses of 0.25 litres that aren’t filled to the rim do not hold 0.25 litres, but less. Corrected, I ended up with 4 litres of 60% hearts and close to 3 litres of feints.

Collection speeds also need to be recalculated, due to smaller collection cup size. The new average take-off rate in pot still mode is a bit over 4 litres per hour.

That’s Magic Flute territory, right? Well, in speed, not in ABV.

On taste

The output just tastes like a normal wheat / rye whiskey does, fresh from the still.


The pot still function is increadibly fast and has a great heads compression functionallity. The iStill 50 in pot still mode will take a low abv wash to 60% in one go, what’s exactly right for ageing on wood.

Just as the whole still is concerned, the pot still function is pretty impressivel. One iStill can do it all. You don’t need a seperate stripper or pot still, when you have this rig and functionality available.

Allmost forgot …

Another warm welcome to all of you guys from Sweden. Over 20 of you visiting in one day? Wow, thanks!



2 thoughts on “Testing pot still functionality II

    • Hi Stinger, I am not the best “cutter” or “blender” in the world. And that is an understatement. I think, for reasons of objectivity, it is safe to say the iStill works very fast in potstill mode, heads are very well controlled and … I think it doesn’t smear too much tails into hearts. At least not more than my normal pot still. But … and this I learned again today … for my future of whiskey making, I will look into the Pure Whiskey approach. No need to age, works at 96% purity … But that was not the point of the pot still functionaility tests. Does it work? Yes. Does it work good as a pot still? Yes again. So from a pot distillers point a view I agree completely: “those numbers still look good”! Darn, my normal pot still runs would take like 3 times as long, because of limited cooling capacity of the good, old Liebig condenser.

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