Making pure whiskey

The poll outcomes show that about 80% of you think that making a whiskey with a rig like this, in full 96% attack mode, is not possible.

But I can now tell you it is.

The trick? How to do it? Ian Smiley’s book tells about it and tests now show that, with an LM rig, it can be done. The trick is collecting heads & tails from a previous run. Ad those heads & tails to a next batch you want to distill. This way you increase the total amounts of heads & tails with a factor 2.

On run 2, proceed as normal. Heat up, stabilize, draw off heads, collect hearts, collect tails. Because the amount of heads & tails are doubled, they can be compressed much tighter (with less ethanol and water in the heads and tails solution). The tighter compression of both heads and tails makes that taste components associated with those fractions bleed into your hearts.

Bottom line: you will end up with a very tasty whiskey that hardly needs ageing. Actually, it does not even need wood. It is good as is. And some more good news: since it is a fractionated, pure whiskey, with careful cuts taken, you can drink it without getting a hangover. The taste of whiskey combined with the purity of vodka.


2 thoughts on “Making pure whiskey

    • Yes I did. And it turns out Ian Smiley is right. You can make a whiskey with an LM. Just add feints from a previous run and try to compress your heads and tails as much as possible … taste from heads and tails bleeds into hearts, giving you a pure 96% fractionated whiskey with all the taste (a bit too much actually) and without the head ache.

      Drinking a sip as we speak. The day before yesterday I gave it a Fully Silenced Nuke’m treatment on Wacabi wood. Colour but no sense of smell. Tasted okay. Now, one day later, it is Am. white oak all over the place. Fantastic drink.

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