Unpacking the column

How is the column packed? Not talking SPP here, but how has it been prepared for transportation? Or as a member of a homedistilling site put it: “will it survive a trip the USA?”

The outer skin of this beast from Poland is made of plastic. The material garbage bags are made of. To keep it water tight, I guess. Around three layers are wrapped around a carboard cilinder, holding the column.

Stop! Not the whole story! The actual column sits in the cardboard cilinder, but is wrapped in … bubbles? There must be a better English word for that. Again about two to three wraps.

Hey? What is this? It looks like I didn’t get a still, but rather … the thinner brother of … R2D2?

Okay, some more unveiling to do. I’ll be back. My thinking: the column is packed in a way that it could be shipped around the world without any problem. Three layers of plastic, than a cardboard cilinder, than two layers of bubbles. And the column is wrapped in some tight plastic foil after that.

Here too I had to delete the pictures. Sorry guys! I will try to make up with pictures in a later post. You will get a your tastings of SS porn!


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