Plans for tomorow

So I wanted to do a run on a turbo. With purifier on. Just to see how she runs.

But … the turbo ain’t ready yet. Turbo? Not what it used to be …

So what to do now? I plan on fractionating da sh*te out of a fourth generation sorta UJ. Only not based on corn. It is a wheat/rye hybrid. With the rye bit being Maillardized rye bread. Lots of taste. Maybe too much. I put part of it thru my old school CM fractionating rig. Gave me a hot tasting vodka. That darn rye bread just gives off too much taste!

How to proceed from here? I can try to give the new rig a turn. And see if she can turn it into a vodka better than my old CM rig could.  But how? By choosing the program with carbon filtration? Or by choosing the distillation program without filtering? Both will take heads & tails equally. But carbon filtering will/might have an effect.

What do you want? Let me know, and the approach that gets most votes … that’s what I will do.

2 thoughts on “Plans for tomorow

    • On a Maillardized rye/wheat combo? I couldn’t get enough taste out of that sorta wash with my potstill (stripping) and then fractionating rig (CM). Too hot. And now the challenge is to take that wash and make a vodka out of it in one run? You guys are setting the standards high. Okay a few more hours and then we’ll take a look at the outcome of that poll and make a decision.

      Keep y’all posted!

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