Assembling the unit …

… takes about 2 hours and a half. But we took it leasurely.

Easy to put together? Yes, fool proof, because bolts are in pre-set places and connectors have unique colours.

Can it be done alone? Yes, but with two it is easier.

Is it well build, sturdy, purdy? Yes it is. My dad – former head or jet engine revisions at KLM/Dutch Airlines – joined in and was impressed. He is not a man that’s easily impressed, because he can do most things himself. And most of the time he can do it better.

Some pictures:

Building 8 Building 2 Building 3 Building 4 Building 5 Building 6 Building 7

From left to right and top to bottom:

– Selenoid valves “deciding’ between fores/heads and hearts and tails.

– Various parts

– iStill 50 under construction

– Funny guy showing of his new still

– Just find the right color …

– Water management system

– Ready!

And what do you do when it is ready? You plug it in, wait for it to start up and wish you a great day. And then you can do some tests. Testing the heating, the cooling, the selenoid valves, the step motor, the needle valve, etc.

Tomorow I will get some more hoses, to connect to the water management system. And then … a first run. I will keep you all posted! Hope my turbo wash fermentation keeps up with the speed of our operation.

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